Location 5, Day 5 - Exploring and Networking

by Mindy Veissid

We departed Galveston, hugging the coastline for as long as possible going through Kemah and then west to Houston. Once in Houston we proceeded to the Project Rowhouses, a block of vintage structures that are now used as studios and display spaces for artists. The houses didn't open until twelve and we were too early, so we did a short walk around the Third Ward neighborhood where the rows of cleaned up and repurposed single shotgun-style buildings are. We then met up with Frazier King, who is a board member at HCP, the Houston Center for Photography, to discuss over lunch the Photographers-Squared project and possible further plans. We then headed over to HCP to get a tour of the facility and see the shows that are now up. 

Hoping to get perhaps a photo or two more for the book, we took a chance and headed to a section of the Houston Shipping Channel. Unfortunately, like many cities, it's difficult to get down to the water and without the correct credentials you can't enter the area. It had been raining on and off since being at HCP, so we rode back to the Project Rowhouses to see the actual installations that by now were open for viewing. 

This is the last blog entry for now, but this is truly not the end.  Both Mindy and I have a lot of editing, writing, printing and mailing to do. I will be developing the last of the rolls from Lewiston as well as what I did this week. We will also be planning for the book's launch and hopefully a second phase where the images may get a chance to tour.  We received word this morning that The Galveston Arts Center is interested in showing the work in 2016 and possibly having a concurrent workshop as well. So there is lots to think about and assuredly, there will be a lot going on and we'll keep you posted! Thanks again for your amazing support and making this happen not just for Mindy and me but for the students, photo enthusiaststs and young/ young-at-heart creative souls around the US and beyond. Extra special thanks to Sheree and Sayaka! Cheers!  RA

I am deeply honored and in gratitude not only for all the support we have received over the past 5 months, but to all the people we have met along the way. This project has been a dream of mine for 7 years, and now, at the close of our last travel day, I find myself a more enriched woman.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Sheree Sanborn for her skills and persistence in contacting and organizing all of our High School, College and adult presentations. Thank you!

Sayaka - thank you for being a trooper driving us around making crazy u-turns for us and stopping on a moments notice when we spot something on the road. You made our last 2 trips so much easier and enjoyable. 

Here are our final iPhone photos and our video.



Location 5, Day 4 - Our Most Productive Day

by Mindy Veissid

Day 4 was our most productive day thus far with 5 subjects. We started out this morning taking a ferry ride to Bolivar Peninsula where we found a lighthouse and fort, but alas didn't capture any images.

With all the rain we had the past few days, the mosquitos were out in full force at the fort, and we were the ones under attack. They even followed us into the car but luckily we had rapid fire window smashes and claimed victory. 

We drove further north to Highland and the Intracoastal Highway where we found some tugs and barges passing close at hand. We drove back to the ferry where I was lucky to be the recipient of a sizable seagull dropping. Rather than go explore Galveston with an abstract poop print on my shirt, we decided to go back to the hotel to clean up.

The rest of the day was spent exploring some locations we had on our list but we didn't find anything to photograph. 

During dinner we were discussing plans of what to do tomorrow and we decided to head out early and drive to Houston. With only 4 subject taken today (total 9 for the week) we were getting a little nervous about reaching our 10-12 subject goal. As we were talking I mentioned a VW van with a Texan flag we saw and we decided to see if it was still parked where we saw it. Luckily it was there, and the owner, Eric, allowed us to photograph it. Subject 5 for the day and 10 for the week was reached!

Tomorrow will be our last video for the trip and for our travels. I can't believe that we've been to all 5 locations and that the our traveling is coming to an end.

We have posted todays iPhone photos and video to our site. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and feedback!

Until tomorrow,

Mindy & RA

Location 5, Day 3 - A Jam Packed Day

by Mindy Veissid

Today was really packed. We explored both the the northern tip of Galveston Island and then uncovered subject number five on the southern part in a locale called Surfside Beach. After our early morning explorations we were then off to do a presentation at Ball High School. Ball has an interestiing history in that it was built by a philanthropist, George Ball, and then given as a gift to the city of Galveston.  We had to squeeze the presenatation into a scant forty-five minutes, but it was clear that the students took a real interest in the project and photography. We fielded a number of rather sophisticated questions such as what it is like making the transtion from film to digital and how certain camera sensors differ. 

Since we had a break before our evening presentation at the Galveston Arts Center, we took some time to explore the abandoned Falstaff Beer factory, a tip we received from the photography teacher, Britney Nealon, at Ball. The site yielded some nice iPhone photos, but before MIndy and I could even consider if it was a subject, the local sheriff pulled up and we had to get a move on. We then did some looking around in the Strand, the historical district of Galveston. 

Our presentation at GAC was five people, which was not that unexpected; it's difficult to get people to turn out on a weeknight, but what it lacked it quantity, it made up for in quality. One gentlemen had traveled forty-five minutes to see and hear about what we are doing.  Both Bryan Garcia, Technical Director for the center and Jennifer Justice, Exective Director were in attendance and the discussion became much like a roundtable on the philosophy of photography and what exciting possible future directions the project might take. Both Mindy and I have a lot to think about, but first we have to go and find subects number six to twelve!  

Here are our iPhone photos and video from today.

So until tomorrow... 

RA & Mindy

Location 5, Day 2 - Patience, Exploring, Driving

by Mindy Veissid

This morning we started out excited about visiting the abandoned Hot Wells Hotel and Spa in San Antonio. Our excitement slowly waned as it became increasingly clear that it was difficult to find. The address listed online wasn't correct. I went and asked the front desk clerk at a Motel 6 nearby if he knew where we could find it. He gave me instructions and off we went. To find nothing. We then asked in a gas station, where the owner knew nothing of what we asked. We then asked two local gentlemen who were standing on the street waiting for a bus and they excitedly guided us where to go. No good. Nothing. We then came across a group of 5 police officers who we asked. They were all so friendly and one of them even offered to drive us to the now 'construction site' of where the spa used to be. 

So off we went, escorted by the very kind Officer Salinas, to the construction site which was behind a no trespassing train track gate. Of course we meandered our way over to the site which had a locked gate and was covered with razor wire. No entrance. Even though there were cars behind the gate, we couldn't find a human soul to ask to let us in. 

As RA says, 'onward'. We have come across situations like this a few times on our various journeys where we searched for something we know we wanted to see, but the universe had different plans for us. At least we tried.

We drove over to the Quadrangle, an urban military fort, to encounter a sign stating 'no photography allowed.'

Onward we went. 

Next stop: Mission San Jose - which was open AND allowed us to take photos. The mission was an outpost established by the Catholic religious orders to spread Christianity to the natives and was built in the late 18th Century. We explored the compound and towards the end we found a subject we agreed to photograph. Hallelujah!

Thereafter we drove to find the largest cowboy boots in all of Texas (you'll see a photo of it in our travelogue page) and then a healthy lunch at Vegeria, a Vegan restaurant. 

Sayaka then drove us all the way back to Galveston in cloudy, rainy, downpour, cloudy rainy conditions. 

Tomorrow we'll be presenting at the Ball High School in the afternoon, and then at the Galveston Arts Center in the evening.

We did not do a video today as the weather was not working in our favor, but you can view our iPhone photos on our travelogue page.

Until tomorrow,

Mindy & RA

Location 5, Day 1 - A Great Start in Texas

by Mindy Veissid

It's hard to believe we are already on the last trip of our five location adventure. We've been dodging raindrops.  Luckily we had clear skies for the three subjects we captured --a great start since we usually aim for a total of twelve and its only the first day! It looks as though there is going to be on and off rain for the remainder of the trip. Northern Texas got hit with the worst of it including at least one tornado. So, fingers crossed!

We headed along the coastline to Victoria (the spot that was originally randomly chosen on the map) and then down toward Seadrift where the San Antonio and Guadalupe Rivers terminate in San Antonio Bay. We then turned back northward to San Antonio. The plan is to photograph tomorrow in San Antonio and then head back to Galveston for two presentations there and then exploring Thursday and Friday. Galveston is a city rich in history (it was once known as "The Playground of the South") and appears to have a great deal remaining that is linked to its past. 

Special thanks to Sheree for arranging what came down to an eleventh hour presentation at one of the high schools in Galveston and to Sayaka for driving just about all day today.

Here are our iPhone photos and video from today.

Until tomorrow...

RA & Mindy

Location 4, Day 5 - Lots of Driving

by Mindy Veissid

Today we spent most of the day in the car driving slowly back towards Seattle. We made a few stops to view some of the historical sites along the way, but only took one photo - our first of an interior. We are now in the City of La Grande, OR, where we'll spend the night and rest up. 

These past few days have really been interesting and enjoyable for us. First, we were both more relaxed as Sayaka was doing all the driving. Second, we had some really good leads on where to shoot, especially from Sean Cassidy, the Professor at Lewis-Clark State College and Patricia Keith who we happened to meet yesterday in a cafe before our presentation, which she was planning to attend. The weather has also been on our side - not too cold nor too hot. 

We were also very much surprised at the beauty of the landscape - rolling hills, forests, plains, mountains and rivers.

The hospitality and friendliness was welcomed by us - everyone we encountered was genuine, authentic and willing to assist when we asked any type of question. 

And we can't forget about the food! All three of us were pleasantly surprised by the selection and quality that was served to us.

All in all we feel we had a very successful trip. At this point we have photographed 10 subjects, giving us some wiggle room to negotiate pairings for the book.  

Next month we will fly to Houston to photograph Galveston and the surrounding area. 

To view some photos we took with our iPhone today please click here.

Until next month!

Mindy & RA

Photo: Sean Cassidy

Location 4, Day 4 - A Full And Productive Day

by Mindy Veissid

We set out early again today in the hope of getting a good shot of the local paper mill. Unfortunately, it seemed to be in a lull and lacked the billowing steam that can make it look so powerfully overwhelming. Undaunted, we ate breakfast and headed back in the direction of Stites, a town with a whopping population of around 200.  At this point, we had fairly heavy rain, but it lightened up by the time we hit Kooskia, another small town with its own style of quirky energy. There we added three more subjects to our collection. We continued on to Stites, having coffee at the town's only cafe, but not finding any subjects. Heading back, I got out and rephotographed one subject that had been difficult to capture in the light rain while Sayaka had patiently held an umbrella over my non-weather sealed camera. 

Reaching Lewiston around 1 PM, we were greeted by clear skies and sun. We made a side trip to find a site on the Clarkston waterfront that had been suggested yesterday by one of the students  at the high school, but we had no luck locating it. After lunch we headed back to the abandoned Collins farm, just a few miles outside of Lewiston, and finally, after two previous visits, found a workable light.  From there we revisited three more sites, one in Uniontown and two others in Lewiston, but found all three to not be workable either because of the particular light or the subject matter, once it was more carefully considered. At this point, we took a stroll down Main Street in Lewiston, ending up at a cafe where we ran into Patricia Keith, a colleague of Sean Cassidy, the photography professor at Lewis-Clark College where we presented yesterday. Patricia was able to map out for us what should be a facinating and dramatic route back to Seattle that we will embark on tomorrow. This was a really lucky chance meeting. 

Primed with scones and hot drinks, we did our PowerPoint presentation to a small, but lively audience at Lewis-Clark State College Center for Arts and History. We were also treated to a special tour of the building (a former bank) and the exhibits by Kelsey Grafton, the Exhibit and Programming Coordinator. A special shout out to Kelsey for making this happen! 

To view our iPhone photos from today please click here. For today's video please click here.

Until tomorrow,

RA & Mindy

Location 4, Day 3: Presenting, Exploring & Challenging Light

by Mindy Veissid

This morning RA & I had a plan of what we wanted to photograph however we came across a situation which hadn't really happened to us before: the lighting was such that in one location I couldn't take the photo as I needed more light (RA was fine) and the next subject I could photograph (the light was too flat for RA). We decided to skip it until tomorrow afternoon when the light will be suitable for us both. 

Later in the morning we had the pleasure of presenting at the Clarkston High School. The class was an AP class (Advanced Placement) and some of the questions were quite sophisticated - we were impressed!

After having lunch at our favorite cafe (Mystic Cafe) we decided to explore more of Nez Perce National Park. We first drove to 'Heart of the Monster' where the Nez Perce believed they were originally created. It was an interesting location - a little challenging to shoot (more so for RA than myself), but we felt that it was worth trying to capture. 

We then continued south to Whitebird Battle field, where in 1877 the Nez Perce had their first battle with the US Army. The battlefield is a prairie in a valley but it was very difficult to portray a visual story. We ended up not taking any photos.

What was very interesting were some of the small towns in between Heart of the Monster and Whitebird. We will be discussing the possibility of driving back to one town in particular which had a lot of eye candy.

After Whitebird we felt we had enough time to head back to one of the locations Sean brought us to yesterday. Unfortunately the sun was a little too low to give us the light we needed. We will return there again. The third time should be the charm!

Overall, it was visually stimulating day - we are both very surprised at the vastness and ever changing beauty of the landscape. It far exceeded my expectations!

To view our iPhone photos from today please click here. For today's video please click here.

Until tomorrow,

Mindy & RA

Location 4, Day 2: A Jam Packed Day

by Mindy Veissid

Today was one of those jam-packed days that are exciting and hugely productive. We started with an early breakfast and then headed to the visitor's center at Nez Perce National Park where we got much background information as well as directions to areas within the park. We then headed south, past Asotin to check out some petroglyphs along the Snake River that are believed to have been incised in stone some 4500 years ago.  These enigmatic and fairly small pictographs can easily be missed by the casual eye, yet start to visually multiply once you start to carefully observe them.  We could have easily spent hours looking, but time was short since we had a presentation to do in the afternoon at Lewis Clark State College, so from there we headed back to Lewiston.

Mindy and I met with a warm and highly engaged reception from the photography class taught by Professor Sean Cassidy who then afterward gave us a personal tour of many spots around Lewiston (and beyond) where we might want to photograph. Sean showed us odd and interestings places in town and then took us up the old switchback road that leads in and out of Lewiston which offers many breathtaking views of the valley.  We then traveled on to an amazing abandoned farm and slightly further up the road to Uniontown, Washington where the first consecrated church in the state is. Cassidy not only was able to direct us to great places, he possesses a wealth of knowledge about the area and its history that he loves to share.  Much of what we saw today we will need to return to to photograph in the next few days, but what a gift to the project!  It's now almost eleven pm Idaho time, so until tomorrow...

To view today's iPhone photos click here, and today's video click here.

RA & Mindy

Location 4, Day 1: A Great Start

by Mindy Veissid

Hi everyone!

We're back! I can't believe we've started our 4th journey - this time in the north west part of the US.

We flew into Seattle last night and started driving south east to Lewiston, ID this morning. Benefit of jet lag - we got a really early start which allowed us a full day of exploring! We decided to go to Palouse Falls State Park as we heard about an amazing waterfall that dwells in the ravines. What a sight to see! Absolutely stunning beauty (if you want to see some iPhone images, please visit our travelogue photos). We walked along some of the twisty ravine paths to really get a feel of natures pure beauty - and had to get close to the ledge to get the full effect - not good if you're afraid of heights (luckily RA & I are not). A definite site to see for anyone who visits the area.

We then continued east and came across a beautiful rail bridge - RA and I simultaneously shouted "ooooo" so we stopped and explored and photographed our second subject of the day. You can get an idea of the area if you watch today's video

We are both super excited about the fabulous start to the trip. We can't wait to see what Idaho has in store for us!

Thank you, Sayaka, for being our chauffeur on this trip - it's really allowing RA & I to pay attention to the scenery around us. 

Until tomorrow!

Mindy & RA

Images from Location #2: Charleston, SC

by Mindy Veissid

RA and I are excited to announce that we've posted our favorite shots from our second trip to Charleston, SC! 

We scanned through all our photos, choose our favorites and discussed (multiple times) which photos will work best as pairs for the book. The out-takes are what we've posted to our site.  To view the out-takes please click here.

All the photos on our site are for sale. If you would like more information on price and sizing please contact me (color photos) or RA (black & white photos) directly. 

Please note we also have a Travelogue tab on our site which contains all the images and videos that we've taken along the way from our iPhone and/or point & shoot camera. To view the images please click here and to view our videos please click here.

Over the next few weeks we will be working on our Joshua Tree, CA images. We look forward to sharing them with you!


Mindy & RA 

Location 3, Day 4: Getting in Last Digs

by Mindy Veissid

Mindy and I were up and out the door again at about 5:50 this morning. We chose to revisit Joshua Tree State Park one more time in the hope of making a few more images. We succeeded there, working again in the magical, clear light that happens just after sun-up. We then had breakfast and proceeded to Desert Christ Park, where there are many devotional sculptures made of what appeared to be whitewashed concrete and reinforcing rods--a true outsider artist installation that yielded some interesting captures.  Close by was Pioneer Town, a complete main street used for filming westerns.  While the street was a lot fun, we did not find anything to photograph.  Heading onward towards Palm Springs, our final destination, we couldn't resist stopping at Cabazon, California, a place that could best be described as a roadside attraction/theme park that features giant dinosaurs (one houses a gift shop).  And yes we photographed them and yes, they may make therir way into the book! 

At this juncture, we had eleven subjects. Both Mindy and I wanted to have twelve from which to chose the final five. We rolled into Palm Springs, ate lunch and then hit the visitors' center. Explaining what we are looking for is not easy. We did get directions to some natural destinations that might have been a bit different and great to hike through, but it wasn't quite the wavelength we were after.  After a few minutes of interchange, the arts district was mentioned and we proceeded there. It turned out to be pretty small and not the kind of thing we were looking for.  Mindy caught something out of the corner of her eye as we were about to leave--a tableau within a vacant lot. We proceeded to photograph a very unexpected image number twelve and pretty much wrapped our photographing for this trip.

Tomorrow we will drive back to LA and then fly back to NYC, going from 95 F and sunny to a delayed spring in the northeast US.  Trips like these always feel like a time warp. The hours and days zip by but the overall time sense feels long. There was a particularly surreal quality to this jaunt that I think will show in the final  photos. California dreaming perhaps? 

Click here to view today's video  and here to view today's photos.


RA & Mindy

Location 3, Day 3 - Super Busy

by Mindy Veissid

This morning saw us up and out to the car in the 5:30am darkness so we could drive back into Joshua Tree State Park and try to catch some early morning light. Courting serendipity, we searched and drove until it looked like the sun was just about to start illuminating the landscape. The reward was a clear, almost shimmering illumination and yes, we made some captures!

Descending into Twenty-Nine Palms, the only breakfast place available was a Denny's but it had really good coffee  and pretty decent food. From there, we proceeded to the Twenty-Nine Palms High School to give a presentation to one of the most engaged group of students we have had so far.  They really paid attention and were full of great questions. 

After the presentation, we drove on to another part of the park that contained some natural finds of its own that worked well in the midday light. We followed the park's road back into Joshua Tree, had lunch and proceeded to the outdoor sculpture museum of artist Noah Purifoy that is tucked away on a sand road a few miles off of the main highway. Although the seven acres of found object assemblages did not yield a subject Mindy and I could both photograph, the joyous inventiveness of the work was more than worth the trip; it was a fine coda to a long day of photographing and presenting. 

Click here to view today's video (we apologize for the quality) and here to view today's photos.


RA & Mindy

Location 3, Day 2 - Exploring, Presenting and Radio Interview

by Mindy Veissid

As I'm writing this blog entry, I realized we just had a 14 hour workday. We started early this morning at 6 AM as we wanted to drive to Salton Sea which is approximately a one hour drive from Joshua tree. It was a good thing that we started early as it took us a little longer than expected to find what it was that we were looking for. We did eventually find something that surpassed our expectations so we were very happy with the overall outcome.

After lunch we ventured back into Joshua tree where we captured a few more images. As of now, we have documented five subjects so we are both very happy.

Earlier this evening we did a presentation at the Beatnik Lounge as well as a radio interview with DJ Ted of Radio Free Joshua tree. The interview was recorded and will be available online.

Tomorrow morning we will be presenting at 29 Palms High School and then we will venture on to photograph some more. 

Click here to view today's video (we apologize for the quality-we are working on fixing that) and here to view today's photos.


Mindy & RA

Location 3, Day 1

by Mindy Veissid

We got an early start this morning, having breakfast even before sun up. The change in the landscape from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree is dramatic. There are enormous, dramatic, and varied rock outcroppings that feel as if the are pushing out of the earth and of course, many many of the oddly shaped Joshua trees dotting the landscape. First we circled the park and then after lunch we headed back to explore on foot, walking two trails: one called "Hemingway" and another that led to a tiny reservoir that had been originally built by cattle ranchers in the 1900's.  The midday light in the park is fairly harsh. Mindy and I plan to make a number of return trips at daybreak and dusk. There is no shortage of  distinctive forms and vistas to photograph; the real challenge will be finding those with which we both connect. 

On the educational and inspirational side of the project, we received a great twelfth-hour notification that we will be doing a presentation at Twenty-Nine Palms High School on Wednesday. Many thanks to Sheree for her persistence in arranging this for us as well as our other presentation connections and logistics!  Additionally, we will be doing a presentation at the Beatnik Lounge, a community arts and culture space in Joshua Tree as well as being interviewed on-air for Radio Joshua Tree. https://www.facebook.com/RFJTListeningLounge.

To view today's video click here and for our travelogue photos click here. 

RA and Mindy

Binghamton, NY School Magazine Article

by Mindy Veissid

We are happy to announce that an article was written up about our presentation at the Rod Serling School of Fine Arts! You can read the article on page 7 here.

RA and I are excited to be going to LA next Saturday for our Joshua Tree shoot. We plan on being at the LA Photo Center open house Saturday afternoon if anyone is in the area and wants to say hello. 



Images from our first trip!

by Mindy Veissid

Hi Everyone,

RA and I are excited to announce that we've posted our favorite shots from our first trip to Steamtown, PA and Binghamton, NY on our site! We had to choose our favorites (what we've posted) and from that we selected our 5 pairs for the book (not posted). To view our images please click here.

All of the photos are for sale. If you would like more information on price and sizing please contact me (color photos) or RA (black & white photos) directly. 

We have also changed the tabs on top of our site. We now have a Travelogue tab which contains all the images and videos that we've taken along the way from our iPhone and/or point & shoot camera.

Over the next few weeks we will be working on our Charleston, SC images. We look forward to sharing them with you as well!


Mindy & RA 

Location 2 Day 5 - Feeling Positive Again

by RA Friedman

Hi Everyone,

We had a full day of driving around but with success! This morning we were welcomed with a frigid 19 F and drove to John's Island to visit the Angel Oak tree. There was hardly anyone there and this majestic oak (thought to be over 1,500 years old) spoke to us. I think RA shot more photos of the tree than any other subject this week. 

We then ventured about 1 hr north to Mepkin Abbey, which was formerly a plantation. We took a tour as that was the only way to see the church, but unfortunately didn't find anything to photograph there. We then explored the gardens but alas nothing again.

As we were driving out, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a sign: "African American Cemetery" 1.5 miles down the road. We drove down this muddy overgrown path, through a cotton field, made a left down another dirt road through another cotton field and came to find it.

As we walked up the path, both of us suddenly felt touched with a deep sense of sadness. There was a beautiful iron gate, but only 5 gravestones and a few benches. It felt as if no one had visited it in a very very long time. We were looking for non-touristy sites and we certainly found one here. 

All in all, though we had a lot of struggles finding subjects to photograph, we both felt we have a good selection of photos to work with. Charleston truly is a beautiful city - but when you're looking for unseen beauty it's a little hard to find!

Make sure to view our video and photos on http://www.photographers-squared.com/videosalongtheway/ and http://www.photographers-squared.com/images-along-the-way/

Until next time,

Mindy & RA

PS - we are about so take off to our photos will be posted later. Be sure to check in at a later time!

Location 2 Day 4 - Difficult Day

by RA Friedman

Today was the first full day we had to simply photograph. The weather was very unseasonal for the area, about 35 degrees F, but the skies were cloudless and clear making for a crisp, if not somewhat hard outdoor light. We headed down to the East Bay Street section in the lower, eastern side of Charleston. Mindy made a great discovery involving ice that we agreed on and photographed. After grabbing some hot beverages to warm up again, we headed back to a church garden we had seen earlier and worked there. Then we did more exploring downtown and stopped in at the visitors' center to see if they might have some suggestions. The area around Mount Pleasant, called Shem Creek, came up again, so we headed north after lunch. 

Although Shem Creek looked like it might yield some interesting images, it proved impossible to get close enough to our subject: the place where the commercial fishing boats docked. We even asked a few locals for directions to see if we might find a place to stand. After much driving and walking around, we decided it was best to simply take a breather.  

The Charleston area is extremely picturesque: palm trees, majestic seaside mansions, little gardens and quaint alleyways, but there is a kind of homogeneity about the landscape. It's difficult to find the things that are a bit out of place, chance juxtapositions, or historical remnants; it's a bit too manicured. Still we've made a good number of captures and tomorrow will likely yield more. 

Make sure to view our video and photos on http://www.photographers-squared.com/videosalongtheway/ and http://www.photographers-squared.com/images-along-the-way/


RA & Mindy