Location 1 - Day 1

by Mindy Veissid

Hi All!

We made it to our first location today - Steamtown, Pennsylvania. Steamtown is a national historic park that houses - you guessed it - steam trains as well as other kinds of locomotives. 

It was a dreary, cold, drizzly gray afternoon - which of course RA & I liked due to the moodiness and light it created. We were lost in time there. Literally - we heard over the loudspeaker that they were closing and we had to rush back to the car so not to get locked in. 

The park itself seemed closed. A few random cars. Ticket booth closed. But that didn't stop us from going on the tracks and exploring the beauty of the vintage trains. 

Here's a little video of us after our shoot. Stay tuned for more updates!

Mindy & RA