Location 1 - Day 3

by RA Friedman

Diane Arbus is quoted at saying: "My favorite thing is to go where I've never been." It's definitely something that is at the top of my list. I always try to remember first impressions of a place since they often fade with familiarity. These last two days we have been in Binghamton, NY, and although I spent 10 years here, it's changed a lot and I can see it much more clearly and can really appreciate it's strange beauty. I now have new first impressions. 

Today, Mindy and I got an early start, though the temperature when we got in the car to go to breakfast was negative two degrees Fahrenheit.  On a tip, we headed to the Park Diner which overlooks the river and were able to shoot from the comfort of an enclosed patio while having a hearty breakfast.  The natural scene was never something I was drawn to work with, but somehow on this trip it's been working for me. The barren trees, the ice flows and the vapor rising from the river were like a magnet. Heading down Vestal Parkway back to the motel, Mindy got very enthralled by trees in the river that looked like they were dipped in liquid sugar.  We could see them from the car, but could not access. I remembered there was a small appendage to Front Street where you could get down to the water, so we headed there and were rewarded by clear early morning light and mysterious fog rising from the water.  By this point it was probably a whopping six or seven degrees outside.  I was extremely glad we went right then and there to shoot, even though it was freezing. If we had waited, we would have missed the shots. 

In the afternoon we gave our first presentation at The Rod Serling School of Fine Arts at Binghamton High. How strange to be back in a building where I worked as a maintenance person the summer of my sophomore year in college, and talking about the heady and complex world of photography!  The kids were really engaged and I could tell were really looking at Mindy's and my photography.  We only got a short class period to cram in our philosophies and talk briefly about a few images. I wish I could have given them more.

Be sure to check out today's photos and videos.


RA & Mindy