Location 1 - Day 4

by Mindy Veissid

And here we find ourselves on day 4 with only 1 more day left to go.

RA and I got up early again this morning to take advantage of the beautiful morning light. We ate a hearty breakfast at Red Robin Diner in Binghamton and then drove to Spring Forrest cemetery where we captured some beautiful serene images. Thereafter we walked along Clinton St to look at all the antique store front windows to see if anything inspired us.

In the early afternoon we headed back to Scranton where we had a delicious vegan lunch at Vegan Cafe (be sure to visit our images tab on top of the page to view a photo of their bathroom walls). Afterwards we headed to the Lackawanna Coal Mine where we captured some more photos. It is closed for the season so we found ourselves the only ones there (just like in Steamtown) so we took our time feeling what it was that we wanted to share with you. 

We also shot our video of the day at the coal mine. To watch, please visit the videos tab on top of the page.

It was more tolerable to photograph as the temperature reached 30F, but we now need to defrost ourselves and rest for our last day of shooting.

Until tomorrow,

Mindy & RA