Location 1 - Final Day

by Mindy Veissid

And here we are, on our final day of our first location. 

We stayed in Wilkes-Barre last night and explored the area a little this morning. We drove to 7 tubs natural preserve to explore the tubs there but found ourselves on a path with a broken cement bridge and mutually agreed we would not try to cross it. We looked around and though everything was beautiful, it was too pictorial for us to capture. 

We drove on to Allentown to see if anything there intrigued us, but again nothing too stimulating so on we drove to Bethlehem to the Steel Stacks. I have been there before (to attend an Octoberfest, not to take photos) and as they came into view RA became quite animated with excitement. It was a little difficult to photograph with the light (or lack of it as it was a partly cloudy day) but we made the most of it and left feeling that we took some interesting shots.

A few reflections about the week: I think we would both agree it's quite magical to photograph in the off season. Everywhere we went we were the only ones out and about. Granted it was excessively cold outside, but even in extreme situations there is a lot of beauty to behold. I find that the light is different - it's clearer, sharper and crisper. Early morning really worked best for us to capture the serenity and the awakening of  a new day. Lucky for me that RA is also a morning person!

It was a week of hard work, visual over stimulation at times, sharing, exploring, capturing and learning. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this project of mine a reality.

As we have done every day this week, you'll find todays images and video on our site. 

Our next trip will be Charleston, SC from February 16-20. We'll be recharged, re-energized and ready to explore the beauty that awaits us. 

Thanks again,

Mindy & RA