Location 2 Day 4 - Difficult Day

by RA Friedman

Today was the first full day we had to simply photograph. The weather was very unseasonal for the area, about 35 degrees F, but the skies were cloudless and clear making for a crisp, if not somewhat hard outdoor light. We headed down to the East Bay Street section in the lower, eastern side of Charleston. Mindy made a great discovery involving ice that we agreed on and photographed. After grabbing some hot beverages to warm up again, we headed back to a church garden we had seen earlier and worked there. Then we did more exploring downtown and stopped in at the visitors' center to see if they might have some suggestions. The area around Mount Pleasant, called Shem Creek, came up again, so we headed north after lunch. 

Although Shem Creek looked like it might yield some interesting images, it proved impossible to get close enough to our subject: the place where the commercial fishing boats docked. We even asked a few locals for directions to see if we might find a place to stand. After much driving and walking around, we decided it was best to simply take a breather.  

The Charleston area is extremely picturesque: palm trees, majestic seaside mansions, little gardens and quaint alleyways, but there is a kind of homogeneity about the landscape. It's difficult to find the things that are a bit out of place, chance juxtapositions, or historical remnants; it's a bit too manicured. Still we've made a good number of captures and tomorrow will likely yield more. 

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RA & Mindy