Location 2 Day 5 - Feeling Positive Again

by RA Friedman

Hi Everyone,

We had a full day of driving around but with success! This morning we were welcomed with a frigid 19 F and drove to John's Island to visit the Angel Oak tree. There was hardly anyone there and this majestic oak (thought to be over 1,500 years old) spoke to us. I think RA shot more photos of the tree than any other subject this week. 

We then ventured about 1 hr north to Mepkin Abbey, which was formerly a plantation. We took a tour as that was the only way to see the church, but unfortunately didn't find anything to photograph there. We then explored the gardens but alas nothing again.

As we were driving out, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a sign: "African American Cemetery" 1.5 miles down the road. We drove down this muddy overgrown path, through a cotton field, made a left down another dirt road through another cotton field and came to find it.

As we walked up the path, both of us suddenly felt touched with a deep sense of sadness. There was a beautiful iron gate, but only 5 gravestones and a few benches. It felt as if no one had visited it in a very very long time. We were looking for non-touristy sites and we certainly found one here. 

All in all, though we had a lot of struggles finding subjects to photograph, we both felt we have a good selection of photos to work with. Charleston truly is a beautiful city - but when you're looking for unseen beauty it's a little hard to find!

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Until next time,

Mindy & RA

PS - we are about so take off to our photos will be posted later. Be sure to check in at a later time!