Location 3, Day 1

by Mindy Veissid

We got an early start this morning, having breakfast even before sun up. The change in the landscape from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree is dramatic. There are enormous, dramatic, and varied rock outcroppings that feel as if the are pushing out of the earth and of course, many many of the oddly shaped Joshua trees dotting the landscape. First we circled the park and then after lunch we headed back to explore on foot, walking two trails: one called "Hemingway" and another that led to a tiny reservoir that had been originally built by cattle ranchers in the 1900's.  The midday light in the park is fairly harsh. Mindy and I plan to make a number of return trips at daybreak and dusk. There is no shortage of  distinctive forms and vistas to photograph; the real challenge will be finding those with which we both connect. 

On the educational and inspirational side of the project, we received a great twelfth-hour notification that we will be doing a presentation at Twenty-Nine Palms High School on Wednesday. Many thanks to Sheree for her persistence in arranging this for us as well as our other presentation connections and logistics!  Additionally, we will be doing a presentation at the Beatnik Lounge, a community arts and culture space in Joshua Tree as well as being interviewed on-air for Radio Joshua Tree. https://www.facebook.com/RFJTListeningLounge.

To view today's video click here and for our travelogue photos click here. 

RA and Mindy