Location 3, Day 3 - Super Busy

by Mindy Veissid

This morning saw us up and out to the car in the 5:30am darkness so we could drive back into Joshua Tree State Park and try to catch some early morning light. Courting serendipity, we searched and drove until it looked like the sun was just about to start illuminating the landscape. The reward was a clear, almost shimmering illumination and yes, we made some captures!

Descending into Twenty-Nine Palms, the only breakfast place available was a Denny's but it had really good coffee  and pretty decent food. From there, we proceeded to the Twenty-Nine Palms High School to give a presentation to one of the most engaged group of students we have had so far.  They really paid attention and were full of great questions. 

After the presentation, we drove on to another part of the park that contained some natural finds of its own that worked well in the midday light. We followed the park's road back into Joshua Tree, had lunch and proceeded to the outdoor sculpture museum of artist Noah Purifoy that is tucked away on a sand road a few miles off of the main highway. Although the seven acres of found object assemblages did not yield a subject Mindy and I could both photograph, the joyous inventiveness of the work was more than worth the trip; it was a fine coda to a long day of photographing and presenting. 

Click here to view today's video (we apologize for the quality) and here to view today's photos.


RA & Mindy