Location 3, Day 4: Getting in Last Digs

by Mindy Veissid

Mindy and I were up and out the door again at about 5:50 this morning. We chose to revisit Joshua Tree State Park one more time in the hope of making a few more images. We succeeded there, working again in the magical, clear light that happens just after sun-up. We then had breakfast and proceeded to Desert Christ Park, where there are many devotional sculptures made of what appeared to be whitewashed concrete and reinforcing rods--a true outsider artist installation that yielded some interesting captures.  Close by was Pioneer Town, a complete main street used for filming westerns.  While the street was a lot fun, we did not find anything to photograph.  Heading onward towards Palm Springs, our final destination, we couldn't resist stopping at Cabazon, California, a place that could best be described as a roadside attraction/theme park that features giant dinosaurs (one houses a gift shop).  And yes we photographed them and yes, they may make therir way into the book! 

At this juncture, we had eleven subjects. Both Mindy and I wanted to have twelve from which to chose the final five. We rolled into Palm Springs, ate lunch and then hit the visitors' center. Explaining what we are looking for is not easy. We did get directions to some natural destinations that might have been a bit different and great to hike through, but it wasn't quite the wavelength we were after.  After a few minutes of interchange, the arts district was mentioned and we proceeded there. It turned out to be pretty small and not the kind of thing we were looking for.  Mindy caught something out of the corner of her eye as we were about to leave--a tableau within a vacant lot. We proceeded to photograph a very unexpected image number twelve and pretty much wrapped our photographing for this trip.

Tomorrow we will drive back to LA and then fly back to NYC, going from 95 F and sunny to a delayed spring in the northeast US.  Trips like these always feel like a time warp. The hours and days zip by but the overall time sense feels long. There was a particularly surreal quality to this jaunt that I think will show in the final  photos. California dreaming perhaps? 

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RA & Mindy