Location 4, Day 1: A Great Start

by Mindy Veissid

Hi everyone!

We're back! I can't believe we've started our 4th journey - this time in the north west part of the US.

We flew into Seattle last night and started driving south east to Lewiston, ID this morning. Benefit of jet lag - we got a really early start which allowed us a full day of exploring! We decided to go to Palouse Falls State Park as we heard about an amazing waterfall that dwells in the ravines. What a sight to see! Absolutely stunning beauty (if you want to see some iPhone images, please visit our travelogue photos). We walked along some of the twisty ravine paths to really get a feel of natures pure beauty - and had to get close to the ledge to get the full effect - not good if you're afraid of heights (luckily RA & I are not). A definite site to see for anyone who visits the area.

We then continued east and came across a beautiful rail bridge - RA and I simultaneously shouted "ooooo" so we stopped and explored and photographed our second subject of the day. You can get an idea of the area if you watch today's video

We are both super excited about the fabulous start to the trip. We can't wait to see what Idaho has in store for us!

Thank you, Sayaka, for being our chauffeur on this trip - it's really allowing RA & I to pay attention to the scenery around us. 

Until tomorrow!

Mindy & RA