Location 4, Day 3: Presenting, Exploring & Challenging Light

by Mindy Veissid

This morning RA & I had a plan of what we wanted to photograph however we came across a situation which hadn't really happened to us before: the lighting was such that in one location I couldn't take the photo as I needed more light (RA was fine) and the next subject I could photograph (the light was too flat for RA). We decided to skip it until tomorrow afternoon when the light will be suitable for us both. 

Later in the morning we had the pleasure of presenting at the Clarkston High School. The class was an AP class (Advanced Placement) and some of the questions were quite sophisticated - we were impressed!

After having lunch at our favorite cafe (Mystic Cafe) we decided to explore more of Nez Perce National Park. We first drove to 'Heart of the Monster' where the Nez Perce believed they were originally created. It was an interesting location - a little challenging to shoot (more so for RA than myself), but we felt that it was worth trying to capture. 

We then continued south to Whitebird Battle field, where in 1877 the Nez Perce had their first battle with the US Army. The battlefield is a prairie in a valley but it was very difficult to portray a visual story. We ended up not taking any photos.

What was very interesting were some of the small towns in between Heart of the Monster and Whitebird. We will be discussing the possibility of driving back to one town in particular which had a lot of eye candy.

After Whitebird we felt we had enough time to head back to one of the locations Sean brought us to yesterday. Unfortunately the sun was a little too low to give us the light we needed. We will return there again. The third time should be the charm!

Overall, it was visually stimulating day - we are both very surprised at the vastness and ever changing beauty of the landscape. It far exceeded my expectations!

To view our iPhone photos from today please click here. For today's video please click here.

Until tomorrow,

Mindy & RA