Location 4, Day 4 - A Full And Productive Day

by Mindy Veissid

We set out early again today in the hope of getting a good shot of the local paper mill. Unfortunately, it seemed to be in a lull and lacked the billowing steam that can make it look so powerfully overwhelming. Undaunted, we ate breakfast and headed back in the direction of Stites, a town with a whopping population of around 200.  At this point, we had fairly heavy rain, but it lightened up by the time we hit Kooskia, another small town with its own style of quirky energy. There we added three more subjects to our collection. We continued on to Stites, having coffee at the town's only cafe, but not finding any subjects. Heading back, I got out and rephotographed one subject that had been difficult to capture in the light rain while Sayaka had patiently held an umbrella over my non-weather sealed camera. 

Reaching Lewiston around 1 PM, we were greeted by clear skies and sun. We made a side trip to find a site on the Clarkston waterfront that had been suggested yesterday by one of the students  at the high school, but we had no luck locating it. After lunch we headed back to the abandoned Collins farm, just a few miles outside of Lewiston, and finally, after two previous visits, found a workable light.  From there we revisited three more sites, one in Uniontown and two others in Lewiston, but found all three to not be workable either because of the particular light or the subject matter, once it was more carefully considered. At this point, we took a stroll down Main Street in Lewiston, ending up at a cafe where we ran into Patricia Keith, a colleague of Sean Cassidy, the photography professor at Lewis-Clark College where we presented yesterday. Patricia was able to map out for us what should be a facinating and dramatic route back to Seattle that we will embark on tomorrow. This was a really lucky chance meeting. 

Primed with scones and hot drinks, we did our PowerPoint presentation to a small, but lively audience at Lewis-Clark State College Center for Arts and History. We were also treated to a special tour of the building (a former bank) and the exhibits by Kelsey Grafton, the Exhibit and Programming Coordinator. A special shout out to Kelsey for making this happen! 

To view our iPhone photos from today please click here. For today's video please click here.

Until tomorrow,

RA & Mindy