Location 4, Day 5 - Lots of Driving

by Mindy Veissid

Today we spent most of the day in the car driving slowly back towards Seattle. We made a few stops to view some of the historical sites along the way, but only took one photo - our first of an interior. We are now in the City of La Grande, OR, where we'll spend the night and rest up. 

These past few days have really been interesting and enjoyable for us. First, we were both more relaxed as Sayaka was doing all the driving. Second, we had some really good leads on where to shoot, especially from Sean Cassidy, the Professor at Lewis-Clark State College and Patricia Keith who we happened to meet yesterday in a cafe before our presentation, which she was planning to attend. The weather has also been on our side - not too cold nor too hot. 

We were also very much surprised at the beauty of the landscape - rolling hills, forests, plains, mountains and rivers.

The hospitality and friendliness was welcomed by us - everyone we encountered was genuine, authentic and willing to assist when we asked any type of question. 

And we can't forget about the food! All three of us were pleasantly surprised by the selection and quality that was served to us.

All in all we feel we had a very successful trip. At this point we have photographed 10 subjects, giving us some wiggle room to negotiate pairings for the book.  

Next month we will fly to Houston to photograph Galveston and the surrounding area. 

To view some photos we took with our iPhone today please click here.

Until next month!

Mindy & RA

Photo: Sean Cassidy