Location 5, Day 2 - Patience, Exploring, Driving

by Mindy Veissid

This morning we started out excited about visiting the abandoned Hot Wells Hotel and Spa in San Antonio. Our excitement slowly waned as it became increasingly clear that it was difficult to find. The address listed online wasn't correct. I went and asked the front desk clerk at a Motel 6 nearby if he knew where we could find it. He gave me instructions and off we went. To find nothing. We then asked in a gas station, where the owner knew nothing of what we asked. We then asked two local gentlemen who were standing on the street waiting for a bus and they excitedly guided us where to go. No good. Nothing. We then came across a group of 5 police officers who we asked. They were all so friendly and one of them even offered to drive us to the now 'construction site' of where the spa used to be. 

So off we went, escorted by the very kind Officer Salinas, to the construction site which was behind a no trespassing train track gate. Of course we meandered our way over to the site which had a locked gate and was covered with razor wire. No entrance. Even though there were cars behind the gate, we couldn't find a human soul to ask to let us in. 

As RA says, 'onward'. We have come across situations like this a few times on our various journeys where we searched for something we know we wanted to see, but the universe had different plans for us. At least we tried.

We drove over to the Quadrangle, an urban military fort, to encounter a sign stating 'no photography allowed.'

Onward we went. 

Next stop: Mission San Jose - which was open AND allowed us to take photos. The mission was an outpost established by the Catholic religious orders to spread Christianity to the natives and was built in the late 18th Century. We explored the compound and towards the end we found a subject we agreed to photograph. Hallelujah!

Thereafter we drove to find the largest cowboy boots in all of Texas (you'll see a photo of it in our travelogue page) and then a healthy lunch at Vegeria, a Vegan restaurant. 

Sayaka then drove us all the way back to Galveston in cloudy, rainy, downpour, cloudy rainy conditions. 

Tomorrow we'll be presenting at the Ball High School in the afternoon, and then at the Galveston Arts Center in the evening.

We did not do a video today as the weather was not working in our favor, but you can view our iPhone photos on our travelogue page.

Until tomorrow,

Mindy & RA