Location 5, Day 3 - A Jam Packed Day

by Mindy Veissid

Today was really packed. We explored both the the northern tip of Galveston Island and then uncovered subject number five on the southern part in a locale called Surfside Beach. After our early morning explorations we were then off to do a presentation at Ball High School. Ball has an interestiing history in that it was built by a philanthropist, George Ball, and then given as a gift to the city of Galveston.  We had to squeeze the presenatation into a scant forty-five minutes, but it was clear that the students took a real interest in the project and photography. We fielded a number of rather sophisticated questions such as what it is like making the transtion from film to digital and how certain camera sensors differ. 

Since we had a break before our evening presentation at the Galveston Arts Center, we took some time to explore the abandoned Falstaff Beer factory, a tip we received from the photography teacher, Britney Nealon, at Ball. The site yielded some nice iPhone photos, but before MIndy and I could even consider if it was a subject, the local sheriff pulled up and we had to get a move on. We then did some looking around in the Strand, the historical district of Galveston. 

Our presentation at GAC was five people, which was not that unexpected; it's difficult to get people to turn out on a weeknight, but what it lacked it quantity, it made up for in quality. One gentlemen had traveled forty-five minutes to see and hear about what we are doing.  Both Bryan Garcia, Technical Director for the center and Jennifer Justice, Exective Director were in attendance and the discussion became much like a roundtable on the philosophy of photography and what exciting possible future directions the project might take. Both Mindy and I have a lot to think about, but first we have to go and find subects number six to twelve!  

Here are our iPhone photos and video from today.

So until tomorrow... 

RA & Mindy