Location 5, Day 4 - Our Most Productive Day

by Mindy Veissid

Day 4 was our most productive day thus far with 5 subjects. We started out this morning taking a ferry ride to Bolivar Peninsula where we found a lighthouse and fort, but alas didn't capture any images.

With all the rain we had the past few days, the mosquitos were out in full force at the fort, and we were the ones under attack. They even followed us into the car but luckily we had rapid fire window smashes and claimed victory. 

We drove further north to Highland and the Intracoastal Highway where we found some tugs and barges passing close at hand. We drove back to the ferry where I was lucky to be the recipient of a sizable seagull dropping. Rather than go explore Galveston with an abstract poop print on my shirt, we decided to go back to the hotel to clean up.

The rest of the day was spent exploring some locations we had on our list but we didn't find anything to photograph. 

During dinner we were discussing plans of what to do tomorrow and we decided to head out early and drive to Houston. With only 4 subject taken today (total 9 for the week) we were getting a little nervous about reaching our 10-12 subject goal. As we were talking I mentioned a VW van with a Texan flag we saw and we decided to see if it was still parked where we saw it. Luckily it was there, and the owner, Eric, allowed us to photograph it. Subject 5 for the day and 10 for the week was reached!

Tomorrow will be our last video for the trip and for our travels. I can't believe that we've been to all 5 locations and that the our traveling is coming to an end.

We have posted todays iPhone photos and video to our site. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and feedback!

Until tomorrow,

Mindy & RA