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Contrasting photographers travel to 5 US States to create a major work and share their creative spirit with high school students.

The Project

New York photographers Mindy Veissid and RA Friedman believe that wherever you are there is fascinating raw material you can use to create eye-popping photographs. A study in contrasting ways of working and seeing, Veissid, whose camera of choice is a DSLR with a zoom lens, and RA Friedman, who shoots medium format b&w film with a 40 year-old fixed focal length Hasselblad, plan to artfully illustrate this idea by pushing it to its maximum while documenting and sharing their discoveries. 

The camera work the two photographers will do promises to result in a new and resonant body of images filled with pairings of colorful and richly textured b&w photos. Veissid and Friedman will mutually agree on a subject, and will create contrasting renditions showcasing how each has a unique approach and photographic eye. The images will be presented side-by-side in a square coffee table book. The images in the form of a hardcover book as well archival inkjet prints will be available as pre-release premiums.

Mindy and RA will work with minimal camera equipment - 1 camera, 1 lens, no flash and no tripod. They will photograph intensely over 5 days in five random locales. On these jaunts they will also be doing short slide shows of their work and Q&A presentations in high schools and local community groups. They aim to bring their unique photographic techniques, methodologies and working philosophy directly to young photographers and creative enthusiasts, inspiring them to follow their own vision. 

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Funding covers cost of flights, lodging, rental car, fuel, tolls, entrance fees, film, film development, book production, ink/paper for prints and packaging/posting. It does not include stipends or food.  

The Book

A hard-cover 12"x12" coffee table book illustrating 25 images side by side will be created for funders. For donations of $400 and higher Mindy and RA will personally autograph your copy.

Travel Locations 

The randomly picked locations to be visited and photographed are Steamtown, PA; Nez Pierce National Park, Idaho; The San Antonio River, near Galveston, TX; and Joshua Tree National Park, San Diego, CA. 

The fifth location will be randomly picked from suggestions by project supporters and social media followers. 

Watch the videos of how they chose their 4 locations here

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